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‘Hang on’, you might say, ‘doesn’t FCI require shared storage – is that possible at all in Azure?

’ Actually it is, by leveraging SIOS Data Keeper from the Azure Marketplace in order to synchronize local disks attached to the cluster nodes.

In Azure, the usual way to increase throughput for SQL Server OLTP workloads is striping premium storage disks together in order to aggregate their IOPS & bandwidth.

By properly configuring Storage Spaces in combination with Azure Premium Storage you can achieve up to 80.000 IOPS and 2.000 MB/sec throughput for a single GS5 virtual machine, see here.

An instance of a Windows service that manages an IP address resource, a network name resource, and additional resources that are required to run one or more applications or services.

This post will show you how to set up this environment in Azure Resource Manager step-by-step, using Power Shell 1.0 as well as the new Azure Portal.

As the post got fairly long, here are some shortcuts for quick navigation: Gimme the IOPS!

Assuming you read my previous article, "Planning and Implementing a SQL Server Cluster," December 2008, you know the overall process of preparing for and installing a SQL Server cluster.

If you intend to set up a cluster in a SQL Server 2008 environment, you may not realize that the process of installing a clustered SQL Server configuration has changed dramatically in SQL Server 2008.

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To be fair to Microsoft apparently “warnings” in the validation report do NOT mean the Failover Cluster wouldn’t be supported.

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