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Usda egg dating

For these reasons, leg quarter exports to Mexico remained steady despite a strengthening dollar. S.’s largest leg quarter trading country in 2014 and dating back to 2012.In 2015, the country imported 40.0 percent less volume and 60.0 percent value than the year before.Information from the Georgia Egg Commission: Julian Date: Starting with January 1 as number 1 and ending with December 31 as 365, these numbers represent the consecutive days of the year.Fresh eggs will last for at least 66 days from the date they are placed into a carton, this is 3-4 weeks beyond the “best by” date normally stamped on the carton.USDA CARTON STAMPING TELLS WHEN AND WHERE THE EGGS ARE PACKED When the USDA grade shield is present on the carton, the carton must also be labeled with the date and location of where the eggs were packed.About one-third of the nation’s table eggs are packed under USDA’s voluntary grading service.To properly answer the question of have been stored.

USDA graders constantly monitor quality, size, and packaging of these eggs.If a freshly laid egg is left at room temperature for a full day, it will not be as fresh as a week old egg that has been refrigerated between 33 degrees F.Egg cartons with the USDA grade shield on them, indicating they came from a USDA-inspected plant, must display the ‘pack date’ (the day that the eggs were washed, graded, and placed in the carton).December also showed the lowest export prices of leg quarters (31.62 cents/lbs.), since January, 2007 when leg quarters were 28.9 cents/lb. leg quarter imports 3.04 percent, pushing them into first place in 2015, from second place the year before.Throughout 2015, exports of chicken products were down 13.0 percent in volume and 26.0 percent in value in comparison to the prior year. The country’s demand for leg quarters remains strong.

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