Talk to dwayne the rock johnson in webcam

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Talk to dwayne the rock johnson in webcam

To understand how Dwayne Johnson has become the biggest star in Hollywood, it is necessary to first visit the teachers' lounge at Freedom High in Bethlehem, Pa. Johnson had landed in Bethlehem after years of turmoil.

His family lived on the margins, dogged by eviction notices; Freedom was his fourth high school in three years, in three states.

Dwayne Johnson has always been larger than life -- even when he was making his professional wrestling career debut in 1996 at Madison Square Garden in front of thousands of screaming fans, he was still the biggest thing in the ring.

event -- it's clear he's still a little embarrassed about his original stage persona, back when he went by the stage name Rocky Maivia and wore a Samoan/Hawaiian-themed costume (that didn't exactly age well).

Check out the video below for a look at The Rock's epic new adventure.

He is arguably the biggest movie star in the world, People Magazine’s newly crowned Sexiest Man Alive – and now a Harvard Business School case protagonist.

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"I had no idea what the finish of this match was going to be until maybe an hour before the match," Johnson recounted. "It's something you can't write, it's something in wresting you can't write, you can't script it…

"So we set it up where, ultimately, the final three competitors were two bad guys against one good guy, and that was me." "22,000 people in Madison Square Garden, they looked at the two bad guys, they looked at the new rookie and in that moment, 22,000 people can either go, 'S**t! because you can't script how people are gonna react to something.

And yet something about the encounter registered; the fierceness of the man's voice reminded Johnson of his Samoan elders, the kind who, he says, "would beat your ass if you didn't show the proper respect." Johnson asked around to get the teacher's name—Jody Cwik—and sought him out. Johnson had run with street toughs in Hawaii, where he lived as an early teen, but found in his Bethlehem teammates a more uplifting camaraderie.

"I apologized for being such a punk," Johnson says, laughing at the memory. In addition to the wrestlers, Johnson's family tree has a handful of veterans, including a Navy SEAL.

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is going back to his beginnings for his latest project.