Russian church beliefs on dating

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Russian church beliefs on dating

The word orthodox was first used in the first century because of the many heretical teachings that branched off from Christianity.

In the beginning of the church, anyone that was not teaching or believing in Orthodox Christianity was said to teach or believe heresy and were said to be in apostasy.

The term "Clean Monday" refers to a cleansing from sinful attitudes through the Lenten fast.

Lazarus Saturday occurs eight days before Easter Sunday and signifies the end of Great Lent.

How do their beliefs differ from the rest of Christianity?

Orthodox Easter Monday is not a federal public holiday in the United States.Paschal Matins is an early morning prayer service or part of an all-night prayer vigil.Paschal Hours is a brief, chanted prayer service, reflecting the joy of Easter.Easter Monday is the day after Easter Sunday, which celebrates Jesus’ resurrection, according to Christian belief.Many Orthodox Christian churches in the United States often observe Easter Monday at a later date than the Easter Monday date observed by many western churches.

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