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Kumoricon dating game

You can find me in the Friday game as Death the Kid and the Saturday game as Chat Noir! As always, if you see me don’t be afraid to holler at me and say hello!

- PM in Main Events (Oregon Ballroom 201/202)In addition to all the stuff listed above, I will also be helping to host the Cosplay Contest as an MC!

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Two gothic lolitas Cosplay (コスプレ kosupure), a contraction (or portmanteau) of the English words costume and play, is a Japanese subculture centered on dressing as characters from manga, anime, tokusatsu, and video games, and, less commonly, Japanese live action television shows, fantasy movies, or Japanese pop music bands. Fan fiction (also spelled fanfiction and commonly abbreviated to fanfic) is fiction written by people who enjoy a film, novel, television show or other media work, using the characters and situations developed in it and developing new plots in which to use these characters. CCG is an acronym for: collectible card game Combinatory categorial grammar (Computational linguistics), a kind of categorial grammar Canadian Coast Guard Castor Cracking Group Childrens Cancer Study Group Centre for Computational Geography Chesapeake Computer Group, a fleet software company based in Norfolk, VA This page extends a three-character...

A Karaoke machine Karaoke (Japanese: カラオケ, from 空 kara, empty or void, and オーケストラ ōkesutora, orchestra) is a form of entertainment in which an amateur singer or singers sing along with recorded music on microphone. Flag Seal Nickname: City of Roses, Stumptown, Bridgetown Location Location in Multnomah County and the state of Oregon Coordinates , Government Country State County United States Oregon Multnomah County Mayor Tom Potter Geographical characteristics Area City 145. Kumoricon is a three day convention celebrating Japanese animation (anime) and its surrounding culture.

With only a week left until con, I figured it was important to say it now what all the panels/events are that I’ll be for sure participating in: You’ll notice that I’ve included both Anime Dating Game panels here on this list, and that’s because I’ll be a bachelor in each of them!

So if you’re going to these panels and want to participate, you could have a chance to win a metaphorical date with me~!

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Here's P5 cause I love it #p5 #akirakurusu #anntakamaki #ryujisakamoto #yusukekitagawa #morgana #kumoricon Yessssss!