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Alisa Goodwin Snell spent 17 years as a marriage and family therapist before becoming a dating and relationship coach.

You also tell yourself if you stick with it a little longer, maybe love will show up or she’ll break up with you. Love is also caring and respecting someone as a unique and special individual on this planet who deserves your honesty about your own self in the relationship. The kindest and most loving thing you can do in this situation is to tell her the truth. She’ll be hurt if she really cares for you, but she can then move on to find someone who can really treasure her. She’s most likely going to say she wants to stay connected, but you’re going to have to change the rhythm of how you spend time together.

You’ve been out a few times now with a charming lesbian.

She really struck a chord with you when you first started to date, but now after a few dates, a dozen or more dates or several months of dates, you’ve realized you’re just not that into her.

To help singles battle these thinking errors, I often use the example of Peter (in Matthew -31) who was able to walk on the water when his eyes were on the Savior.

When his gaze turned from the Savior to the wind, the waves, the sea, and the storm, he fell.

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Let's start by defining a texting trap: Text messages are exchanged, there’s some great conversation, but things never move to the offline world.

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