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Dating a meat eater

You can share your love of tofu and nachos loaded with cashew cheese, but resist passing judgment on what your other half orders for dinner. “Sometimes I enjoy our different viewpoints,” says Eisenberg of her current partner.“They certainly help stoke some fiery conversation.Here’s my vegan dating guide from personal experiences and some advice on how to make it work.Firstly, expect your dinner discussions to somehow revert back to how on earth you get your protein and are you sure that you don’t miss bacon. It would also be best not to engage in the conversation too much, as it may, more often than not, lead to a heated argument.There was a moment where he thought I might try and convert him- that was never and still isn't my intention.Once we got past this initial barrier, we were able to move on and live and eat in harmony. I don't mind preparing animal products for him, I admittedly wear plastic gloves when I'm cutting up chicken now and the smell isn't as appealing as it once was but that's it.From country fried tofu to beef short ribs, this restaurant covers all your bases.

So my advice for other couples who are going through something similar?

I haven't dated a guy since I became a veggie a few years ago so I'm a bit...

Question for vegetarians: Ok so im 15, I'm not talking about marriage or anything but would you date non-veggies?

He doesn't try to give me a hard time about my diet, but it's a two-way street.

He doesn't push me to eat meat, and I don't push him to give it up.

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